Why eco corner diy?
It is because only drawing and words. We can not save our earth effectively and physically.

With simple diy technic that everyone can learn and copy. That can help our nature. Reuse material and reduce CO2 emission.

Can you tell me more precise species of this frog?

It is Malayan leaf frog, it also called Malayan horned frog. It zoological name is The long-nosed horned frog (Megophrys nasuta)

Briefly talk about frog life cycle?
Frog parents mating near pond. Then the female frog will lay egg in the pond. Usually 50-100 eggs in a group.

Look like Balloon ball and they are sticky to each other. Eggs will hatch individually as tadpoles,

They living in pond and swimming with its tail. They will eat tiny substance, like microorganism and plankton.

They will turn to Froglets that have shrinks and legs. Then It tail will disappear and lung will develop. Finally, It will have 4 legs then we have a Frog :)

I do not know any about DIY? How can I start?
Simply only pick out paper for your first project.

A paper box is a great classic practice, other you can use the old paper to make star or any kind of creature or plane just by folding.

Then you can use tooth sticks as material, for harder project, you can use bottle cap and sticker with scissors.

You can have many simple DIY done by yourself. If you want more fun. You can add colour paint to your project :)

Trying to start planting at home, would you have any suggestion?
Epipremnum aureum

Devil's ivy is a easy way for you to start planting, it can use plant just with water with nutrition or simple with general garden soil with no supplement adding in it.

It will grow itself. It will grow out new leaves from time to time if there light and fresh air is enough.

You can cut off the air root if you want, showering to its air root sometime to make it extra fresh, or adding new soil set to its air root.

If you add new soil set, its air root will become new branch of root, it can grow stronger and bigger.

Technology is always fast developing, It would helping green in long term. But it may harming our nature in short term. What should we do reduce the backdrop?
This is a fantasy question, but we can imagine....

High technology products like Mobile, Robot and Electric car is fast developing. But they need very high cost to produce and develop.

In long term,

The product of them can fully green and high tech enough to fit in all our need. E.g. non-charging car, Human like robot, Super mobile...,

with no co2 emission or re-balance co2 and waste system. e.g. The robot can clear it carbon footprint itself by planting or recycle waste in urban.

In short term,

Generate many many waste and making many co2. If you want a better product, you have to flow your old one away first. Even it "still working".

People buying Technology product when in need or fashion. It can not wait the product to be totally green. It always buy a semi completion product.

To reduce the backdrop,

We can share our old mobile phone to friends and people who in need. To reduce it become waste.

A responsible recycle habit also in need, eg. trade-in , government recycle system for devices and batteries.

Car can be sold in second hand market or being upgrade to lower emission style and re-sold or simple trade-in or reproduce by car suppliers.

Robot is coming soon,

It also have to share it with friends or to prolong it life. Try make the robot for nature.

Teaching them for planting or to recycle. It can be a nature supporter too.

Try to use your robot if you have, upgrading it, rather than buying a new one. It can good for our nature.

Even our life become high tech one day, but we can still be green :)

What is your opinion of climate change and does it have any impact on nature?
Climate change is happening, many people feel, sea level rises, on shore area or island it easy to see the change..

Some Island country under the sea, for inches. But it would be meter(s) under sea. Home would be destoryed..

Others places like asian or middle east or Africa. It easy to be find heater weather. More rains, flooding or drought. .

Bigger change on weather in Summer and Winter..

Wetter Winter make heavy snow fall. Bring many problems for human..

For nature itself, Flooding would destory nice soil and ground, expanding the desert. Unbalance weather increase make spieces extinct. .

Fewer trees make weather much hotter in long term. Sea level rise destory shore habitats.Sea temperature rise also make coral die and fish no home to hide or spreading..

What species are going to go extinct in the future? And which ones are threatened to be? And what effect would it have?
go extinct creature

animals almost extinct

threatened creature

Most threatened species

If one spieces extinct, others spieces would also extinct. Unbalance nature would bring out disease or bad bateria.

Whole nature will be affect. At last over 50% creatures. Affect human food supply.

What are the odds of us being hit by an ELE (extinction level event) meteorite in the next 30 years?
1 in 500 to 1 in 1000

more detail

How long does it takes to cigarette butt to decompose on the ground and how it affect on ground quality?
more facts will shock you

18 month to 10 years to discard while it contain plastic. Filter remain tar and nicotine, it is poison to nature.

Toxic soil, plants and creatures death. The most problem is would lead to hill fire. Destroy countries side plants and soil.

Is pollution on Earth so big, is it a real threat for human race in the future?

and how would you opinions to put an end on it?

What is the biggest pollution problem of all,and which countries are biggest polluters of all?

Since 1970. Human activities polluted in 3 ways. Air pollution by producing many of gas like co and co2...

Global temperature rising 1 degree c even more. Secondly it is soil pollution. Human pollute soil with rubbish or polluted water.

Third is human bring industrial waste to sea or by flow rubbish like bottle or plastic in sea.This is big affect.

Recent years scientist find Global temperature is breaking its hottest record year by year since around 2010. Farmable area decrease. Fish decreasing...

Freshwater quality turn bad.

In long term it would affect our health and food supply.

In my opinion, Technology can put an end of pollution. Nuclear plant. Even higher form of new energy. Renewable energy. Electric car. Even robot or automative society.

Rising people awarenesss and encourage more people in green style life can both useful. That why I make eco corner kidforum :)

Biggest problem of all is air pollution lead global warming. Weather change and sea level rise. Affect would by worldwide. Spieces extinct.

Even human is in danger if go on 100 years later.

China and US is highest pollutor. One is developing and huge population and one is huge industrial scales. Total of their pollution occupy at least 1/3 to world scales.

Anyway, People, Technology and Government still have time to improve.

But it is better and better. 20 years later would see the different.

why do worms eat dirt?
They are eating the remain nutrition in the dirt.

E.g. For a ground worm. They are eating dry leaves, dropped flowers, insects cover, even death insect body, death plants will dissolve slowly.

Remain fibre and protein. They can eat them as food.

How many cities will be under water due to the rising of sea level?
below is situation in United States (over 2000 coastal area (city) under sea when 2050 when sea level rise 19 inches)

US places will be underwater

other Countries also have such estimation, but not easy find online one by one

so we just estimate..

If there is around 180 countries around the world, at least 10 times more, so estimate 20000 coastal area (city) "about 10% of total land" would under sea in 2050.

Just heard a new source of waste, it called microplastic, could you tell me more about it?
It is a new source of waste found in the environment, It is a tiny form of tiny plastic waste that generated from artificial process, like cosmetic, clothing and industrial.

It is classified that the waste that diameter not more than 5mm.

How do we live with nature peacefully
We have to respect nature. As we are union. Avoid to damaging or harming the nature. Before you eat.

You should thing of the nature. Avoid eat deep ocean fish, shark fin and rare sea or shore creature.

Prevent to eat endanger species. Even cats and dogs. For living. I environment protection house should be at a first priority for choosing house.

Solar water heat system. Solar power, Wind power and even hydrogic power.

You can also living in environment care countries.

How you going out also can help the environment. On foot is a best way. Then cycling, by public transport then finally owning a car.

You can own a electric car.

It must better than gasoline car. At least it can help reduce bad air cover near road and city. With 3 R life style. Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

After all, We can live with nature peacefully :)

Where can I find free and easy access nature photo?
It free for everyone

free nature stock

why dog is human friend
They obbey to human, lovely and cute, they can protect its owner and his family and friends. They even can useful for guarding and hunting.

Their sensitive even and use to search food. Nowaday it can even smell cancer for owner and drug from luggages or stocks

Why robot can not plant as good as a farmer?
Because plant have seasonal effect, it would be precise, following many rules, only farmer know. When to plant durian, corn or rice.

It can be vary skills, even plant in the right season.

Even spreading seed manually is also hard task. Not easy to be automatic. Because how deep is the seed plant,

how many seeds in one positon and how to flow out the seed are always lessons to learn and experience.

E.g. Hand shake to place or Seed placing direction. It totally relate to the harvast is success or not.

Rain scales and soil humidity define it can plant a vegetable successfully or not. No easy task in it. Every day different.

How many sunlight, heat and soil humidity. Affecting how much water for watering the plant in a certain day.

Grass is a super strong enemy for vegetable plant. It absorb many of the soil nutrition. Even its leaves being flatten ,

it root still working alive and keep sharing soil nutrition, so it would easy regrow again. Clearing grass should totally by hand is very important.

Make sure no root remain there to maxmium the harvast health and scales.

Harvast it picking for the best manner, at the time and manage at the time. It must screw to pick out an apple one-by-one by hand with best care.

When it near 100% mature. Looking Good. No bug. Then farmers sales it to the market immediately.

Robot has shorten all process. But the quality of the process must be decrease while robot doing it roughly in general.

why the sky is blue?
The reflection from the sea

As a normal civilian, what can we do to save the earth from being harm that can threathened the life on it?

Will our contribution is enough to stop it?

As far as i know, factory and industry are the main work job and that is the main reason why it hurt the earth more than we can think of?

As individual, we can help the nature with green life. 3R, recycle, reuse and reduce. Recycle thing that can recycle like metal, paper and plastic.

Reuse old paper, use double side of paper if you drafting or just general use. Reduce using paper, using email or electric card for greeting.

Using more High technology for chatting or gathering. Like Skype or Facebook. It can reduce many of your energy consumption. For simple,

close the electric application if not in use. Using Renewable energy is also helpful in household. Like solar and winds power.

It can save earth. It may reduce a small amount if only one do. But it can be very useful if in a city scale and even worldwide.

It can affect 1 to 10% of whole world consumption.

For realistic, it can not enough to stop the situation. But at least it can slow down the process, little by little. Let scientists more time to think of new solution.

Yes, factory and industry in fact, producing over 70%-80% of pollution to the whole world. While rapidly growing of city.

The pollution is uprising double in every 7 to 10 years of time and over we can expect. 2050 will be over 6 billion people in city.

It would danger for world if pollution go on.

Many crisis ahead, bad air, food crisis, lack of clean water, frequent flooding and drought, Tornado and Storm and other extreme weather.

Is it possible for humans to have a long life based on science, and how?can you explain ! thank's
It is possible, human DNA is expect to have 1200 years old. But there is 2 requirement.

We must have 100% green environment. Choosing good life, regular life, without drug, cigarette and alcohol.

We have very high technology to maintain our health. DNA check, Body check, Birth Blood DNA data for repair yours DNA to prolong life.

Pill of modify food to increase our healthy to resist reduction inside the body.

For further,

Even organ replacement for replace the old one. It need a better DNA engineering.

It can also with high technology organ implant in our body.

Scientists always trying and persuading for it. One day it can be!

What is your opinion of climate change and does it have any impact on nature?
We should stop climate change because it is harming our nature.

Climate change bring more flooding, it lead to soil decrease and inland area being salty, the original plants and forests in the area can not grow again,

it destroying many creatures homes.

More storm and tornado, strong tornado destroying many many trees when it crossing from to place, Big storm bring landslide and mudslides.

Many creatures would death during these. And landscapes could be totally different after the disaster. Some creatures will not adaptable and lead to extinct.

Drought would much severe or frequent in some areas. Desert expand. Many creatures or plants would death because of it.

Also, Too dry, make the soil more easy to be swipe out by storm. Weaken plants also easier to be fall down when landslides.

The adaptable area for creatures would be smaller and smaller, and even can not maintain most of the creatures life in certain area.

Heat and dry weather prolong, lead to easier hill fire occur. Like California, many of forest are being fired.

Kill many nature life and destroy many of their homes.

Warmer sea water, seem to no harming for nature, but 1-2 degree C change in temperature can lead to a dramatic effect to ocean.

Ocean would become Acid. Coral may easy to turn to grey color and even death. Many topical fish would death, and affecting the upper level of predator also death.

It can be a chained disaster for the nature. Affect millions of sea creatures life.